Types of Vegan Jobs That Align Your Ethics With Your Lifestyle

After you go vegan, you stop wearing leather and fur, and stop consuming animal product. However, one thing that many people really don’t take into consideration is whether their job fits into their lifestyle and ethics. Don’t worry finding vegan jobs is easy nowadays.

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Now do understand before all else, that just because someone works at a restaurant that sells meat, or at a non-vegan supermarket, does not mean that they are not vegan.

The economy and job market determines what jobs are available and where, and nobody should be shamed if they have to work at a fast food place or a clothing store that sells wool in order to make ends meet.

That said, if you are searching for a job that does not promote animal suffering, there is a fair amount to choose from.


  1. Freelancing/Self-employed


Freelancing can stand for a wide array of options, such as being a freelance writer, crafter, etc. You can put your skills to good use, such as coding, or the like, and get some money by promoting those to clients. Because this is a direct action between you and your clients, no animals will be harmed in the process.

The same with being self employed. Owning your own business or making money from a large variety of gigs and ways can help you to be vegan while earning money from ethical ways.


  1. Desk Jobs


Desk jobs are generally jobs that require long hours of processing papers, answering phones, filling out forms, answering mail from clients, social media marketing, and the like.

They are often for large information companies like google or Amazon, and can be rather high paying. Many of these jobs have been given to people who work from home as well, which can be a pretty good way to earn a living as a vegan while never leaving your bed.


  1. Vegan Restaurants/Stores


These are rare to find, and even more rare to find employment at. Very few stores or restaurants are vegan, despite the growing number of them in the US and abroad.

If you can find employment at one of these stores, either as a cashier or waitress, etc, you’ll be good to go.

There are plenty of restaurants all over the US that are vegan, and although the job market for them is tight, if you can get hired it’d be well worth it.


Finding a job as a vegan does not have to be hard. And there is no shame is working at a place like Walmart or Taco Bell to make ends meet.If possible though, there are some great options available for everyone who would want to make a living as a vegan. But also want to make sure that the company they work for are not causing harm to animals.

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