Vegans Are  Annoying ! Is That True ?

Vegans are  annoying ! Is that true ?

When it comes to vegan activism, many of us can become highly, well, “passionate.” Spreading the vegan message is a great thing, however, it doesn’t have to get on people’s last nerve. So let’s ask ourselves: Are you an annoying vegan?

Is your activism annoying?

Not all activism is the same, and different ways of activism can change the way you are perceived. When you are promoting veganism, many organizations like PETA do it in all of the wrong ways. Their version of “in-your-face” activism, as well as comparing eating meat to the Holocaust, is wrong.

Other activists may do similar things, such as vegan activist Gary Yourofsky. Gary has gotten into trouble before for his condoning of rape against meat eaters. Getting into people’s faces is often annoying.

Many vegans tend to treat meat-eaters as if they are bad people. They forget that most meat-eaters are simply ignorant to animal suffering, or just have not made a connection yet. People are more likely to reduce their contribution to animal suffering when they are presented with the facts without feeling as if they are being accused of horrible things.

Why meat eaters get angry with vegans

How to stop being an annoying vegan?

According to vegan activist Melanie Joy, there are better ways to do more effective activism. Melanie helps us to connect to meat eaters, and help them to go vegan in that regard. We tend to forget that for most of us, we used to eat meat. However, after going vegan, we lose touch with the fact that we were once ignorant ourselves.

Ignoring the fact that we were not all always vegan doesn’t help us to connect to meat eaters. When we connect with them on a personal level, we can get further through to them. Treating them as human beings instead of as evil people tends to work well too.

When it comes to vegan activism, there are ways you can go about it in a much nicer way. For instance, if you wore a shirt with a vegan message, people will start to come to you and ask about it. During this time, you will be able to sit down and have a conversation about veganism. Since they initiated the conversation, they are more likely to be receptive of the information. This is because they no longer feel as if you are shoving it into their faces.

From showing vegan meals on Instagram, to wearing clothing with a vegan message, there’s many ways to advocate for veganism. Any conversation starter that can educate a meat eater into potentially going vegan works in the long run. So don’t be an annoying vegan, work to better your activism so it can be more effective.

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